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Infocapital is a private company whose main activity is the home-entertainment market and has 17 years experience in the videogames Distribution market.


Entertainment gave genesis to Infocapital and has been since then our engine and power to capitalize our dreams.


Through the Representation and Distribution of recognaized software houses, CapitalGames became a solid and successful distribution company in the videogames market.


Staying loyal to its core business (Electronic Videogames Distribution Market), the shareholder's strategy goes through expanding its interests in diversifying its area of ​​operations and developing business models for the different targets and gaming market segments, taking into account the new opportunities that emerge in entertainment.


CapitalGames maintains its leading position in Infocapital corporate structure, representing more than 85% of the business turnover. This strategy did not only have had impact on the legal basis of the company, but also on its organization and structure.


Currently, Infocapital is one of the largest independent player in the Portuguese videogames market,  a company with specialized teams and departments focused on their business areas.




The INFOCAPITAL is a private honed company whose main activity is the video games distribution for the available platforms.


Being entertainment at Infocapital genesis, early the shareholder strategy was to diversify the interest areas and consequently creation of business units dedicated to the development of the different segments.


CapitalGames is a registered trademark of infocapital, SA and under which, the business unit responsible for the video games market development, undertake its activity. Responsible for 85 % of the company’s turnover, this business unit is comprised of an experienced and motivated team with 17 years of market that internally develops and implements the best sales and marketing strategies aiming the best results.


Currently, INFOCAPITAL / CAPITALGAMES is not only one of the largest independent player in the Portuguese videogames market, but it is also a company with specialized teams and departments focused on their business areas.



CapitalGames new modern and multi-functional facilities were designed on the premise of enhancing efficiency, ergonomic gains and workforce performance. The 3 levels building, offers excellent conditions to Company's departments towards developing their activities.


Capitalgames offers in-house support to all different areas of its activities; marketing, sales and logistics. With over 17 years of market experience, Infocapital teams develop and implement marketing plans and sales strategies to achieve the best results.



With a team of dynamic people who are taking advantage of the most diversified marketing and sales techniques, CapitalGames not only covers the big urban areas, but it also reaches easily the small country shops covering every existing national account.



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Tel: +351 210 174 900

Fax: +351 210 996 912

Rua de São Francisco, Nº 786

Parque Doroana, Edif. EC

2645-019 Alcabideche


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