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Marketing & PR


CapitalGames internally develops and implements the best marketing strategies. Below and above the line actions are outlined and performed in accordance with objectives and goals that lead to products' sales volume increase. In addition to that, PR campaigns are designed and executed on the ground of precisely defined communication plans. Such Campaigns have been proven to be extremely effective with great impact because they are focused on specific segments and hit their targets successfully.

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New Releases Marketing Activities

New releases marketing plans are outlined with the aim to achieve the broadest number of consumers. Mass Multi support media campaigns are executed targeting effectiveness.

Print Press – Specialized and Life Style

Specialized and life style magazines are a privileged channel to communicate with consumers. Lifestyle magazines are selected accordingly with the game genre, magazine audience and target.


Online campaigns are personalized to each game's genre. Along with traditional online campaigns, strategically planned social media campaigns run simultaneously in order to trigger the attention of a broader audience and propel engagement.


TV & Cinema


TV and Cinema campaigns are outlined and executed accordingly to each game's genre, segments and target-groups' demographics. Thematic cable channels or generalist open channels, are chosen to hit the segment and obtain maximum awareness for the titles.


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