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Operational Areas


CapitalGames operates in-house all different Distribution-related activities, Marketing, Sales and Logistics.

With a dynamic team and taking advantage of the most diversified Marketing/Sales techniques, CapitalGames not only covers the big urban areas, but it also easily reaches the small country shops. This versatility, backed up by service expertise, has been one of the key reasons why worldwide entertainment companies have trusted Infocapital as their exclusive partner in Iberia.

CapitalGames develops and implements in-house marketing strategies and services.



• Clear market orientation aiming to increase turnover and reputation.

• Identification and analysis of competition and consumer trends.

• Objectives and targets designed case by case towards effectiveness.


To achieve these goals the company has developed internal skills and it also cooperates with market experts -whenever necessary- in areas such as surveys, clipping and market research.


Operational Areas:

• Definition of segments, market sources and positioning of the company and the products.

• Analysis of the market place, assessment of market attractiveness and company’s competitiveness.

• Elaboration of marketing plans Follow-up and results evaluation.

With the recent acquisition of new facilities that gather on the same building all its activities, our Logistics Center, is just one step from the main Offices improving efficiency and saving time.


Storage Capacity:

• 1000 m2 warehouse.

• 600 euro pallets.

• 540 m2 of picking area.


Production Capacity:

• 3.000 units per hour (average)

CapitalGames develop and implements the best commercial strategies adapted to each product.



• Solid sales force.

• Commercial area segmented according to customer type.

• 100% geographic coverage.

• Massive presence on the reference retail.

• Dominant Presence on the reference retail


Infocapital’s commercial team covers Portugal continental and islands of Azores and Madeira.


Operational Areas:

• Distribution chains.

• Independent Retail.

• Small retail.






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